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TIPI Ljungby Semesterby & CampingPark

The family holiday village

Our TIPI Holiday and CampingPark is a very family -friendly campsite within walking distance of the city centre We pride ourselves on making our guests feel welcome and comfortable with us.Our guests appreciate all of our flower plantings and that all our cottages have their ownlittle flower bed with strawberries, herbs or flowers. We also grow potatoes, squash, herbs and various vegetables for our guests to use.

As a guest you can also find Lilies of the valley, blueberries, lingonberries and chantarelles in our beautiful campingpark.

What do we offer?




You often visit us after a long journey to spend the night in peace and quiet before continuing your holiday travel. Or you visit us because the family wants to have a pleasant stay in the middle of nature, despite being almost in the center of our small cozy town.

Our guests at TIPI have free entry to the nice swimming facility which is right next door to us. 50 meters heated outdoor pool and also children’s pool. Jumping tower and trampolines included! If you want to visit ”Äventyrsbadet” ( The Adventure bath) with various water slides and jacuzzi pools, you have to pay a small daily entrance fee for the whole family.

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